Tuesday, October 25, 2011


As I was getting ready for the day today, I just kept thinking about my weight gain.  It is hard not to get discouraged about it.  I also am hard on myself.  When I do not do something the way I know I could, I really seem to beat myself up over it.  So I was thinking about how my knee is so swollen that I cannot bend it as far as I need to to do certain stretches.

The thought that I had was, "how am I ever going to strengthen my knee if I can't even stretch it?"  I really feel that is what it needs at this point.

But only seconds after, I was inspired with the thought, "If you keep working at it, and keep trying, it will get better."
So I am going to put my faith in those words, and I am going to keep working at it.  I won't fail.  To fail would be to ultimately say to my self, "You can't do it."  And I don't believe it!  I don't, and I won't!

I will do it!  I might have stiffness, soreness, and more swelling along the way, but as long as I am taking care not to re-injure my knee, it will get stronger, and I WILL be able to meet my goals in running and everything else!

So, what do we do from here?  We take a moment to forget the past.  Forget and forgive ourselves all of the times that we didn't try, or the times that we gave up, or the times that we were hard on ourselves.  Push those things aside, because they are only going to place doubt in our minds!

When I hit a road block, I just have to stop and take the time to clear it out of the way.  Then continue on down the road.

I will, because I CAN!  Nothing is impossible!

Happy losing!


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