Sunday, October 2, 2011

Exercise Ideas

Here are a list of ideas for workouts that you can do.

-Walking - exert yourself by making it a brisk pace.  Remember we want to raise our heart rate!
-Jogging - ultimately, it is my goal to be able to jog non-stop.
-Jump Rope
-Spinning - I love spinning.  It is a great workout, and the low impact cardio is great.
-Jazzercise - My friend is an instructor here locally.
-Swimming - another low impact workout.
There are many more cardio workouts than this.  Tailor your workout to what you like to do, and to what you are able to do.  But remember, only you can push yourself to work hard!  So, don't skimp!

-Leg lifts
-Sit ups
-Yoga - there are yoga and pilates videos located on hulu for free with Denise Austin.
-Pilates - there are so many free options online.  You just have to look.
-Random Abs
Again, this is a small list of core exercises.  For more details visit Random Abs website.  You will receive access to videos showing you what each exercise looks like.

Upper Body
-Pull ups
-Weights - no weights? then start with using a resistance band.  You can purchase one at walmart.
            -If you are working out at a gym, please get assistance from someone who is experienced before you just delve into working out with weights.  We don't want any injury, as it will prolong the weight loss plan!
-Baby! - I like to use my baby as a weight.  He is about 20lbs, so it is a great weight to burn fat, and tone.
I have not listed all options, I will be googling more options and posting them as time goes on.

Lower Body
-Wall sits
-Jump roping
Again, not all options, I will be googling more options and posting as I try and find them.

-Walk with family
Whatever gets you on your feet, and for me, with my family, is a great way to have fun and exercise.  There are many more activities to participate in, these are just my favorite!

Remember, if you are like me, and needing to lose a lot of weight, you can use your own body as resistance.  If you have any suggestions for workouts, please comment or email me those options!

I will post videos in time demonstrating to do certain workouts, like using a resistance band, and how to do squats.  I will not usually be the one to do the video, it will most likely be one that I find that helps me.


Any questions?  Please email or post a comment!

Happy Losing!

Evelyn Campbell Curtis

PS  Please share this with your friends and family!

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