Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I'm Back!

Hello my friends!

I suppose many of you have wondered where I have been... well, I have not been on my blog.  I haven't even logged on.  For the longest time, I could not bring myself to do it for some reason.  I have learned something about myself in the last few months that I didn't know completely before.  Here it is.

I do not want to be a career blogger.  I do not like being held to deadlines.  I do not want to feel pressured to keep writing.

That feels better to say.

So, I decided to not give up on my blog.  However, I am not going to kill myself to get a post a day.  I love this blog, and it has been such a great learning experience for me.  It has also been a great motivator for me to eat right and exercise.

I bet you are all wondering if I have kept the 20 pounds off that I lost.  I am chagrined to announce that I did not.  I gain quite a bit of it back... not all of it, but more that I should have.  I haven't weighed in for a while, so I'm not sure where I am at today.  The holidays got the better of me.  There were way too many sweets, and I let myself indulge a lot.

Anyway, I am working to get back on track.  My new love is the green smoothie, and I am working on integrating that into the diet of my whole family!  They all love it.  The swelling in my knee has drastically decreased, and the thing that has kept me off of it, in terms of serious exercise is having it swell back up.  It was painful, and I do not want to re-injure myself... whatever my weight may be, re-injury is not worth it.  Re-injury would set me back even further, than the original injury did.

I am looking forward to getting some equipment here in the next few months.  Like a bike, and a few other things.  Once I get that bike, then I will be full speed ahead, in doing serious cardio and exercise.  At this point, I am afraid to run.  I can walk, and I will... but I get restless just walking.  I want more.  I love to run.

These are my thoughts and feelings as of today!

Here is a list of things that have happened to us in the last few months.
I celebrated my 9th anniversary with my most amazing husband, Jason.
I turned 28.
My oldest daughter turned 8.
She was baptized into our church.
My parents and Jason's parents both visited.

Now, I'm ready to get back to the grind...the life change included.

PS  Happy New Year!

Evelyn Campbell Curtis


  1. Glad to see you're back! I know it is certainly not easy to stick to your guns over the holidays, no matter who you are. I'm trying to lose some weight too and I can say the hardest thing is not getting derailed because you maybe have a moment of weakness. I hope your knee feels better. Have you tried swimming or water workouts? They will for sure be easier on your body :) knees included. I would also recommend yoga, and there are some butt kicking ones out there without too much impact. Love ya sis, and we'll see ya on the trail...

  2. Can you share your green smoothy recipe? Miss you guys. Congrats on the baptism. How exciting! Beth

  3. Beth, the green smoothie recipe is on the blog. :) We miss you guys too! I hope you are settling in. I heard you were swimming not so long ago. :) Thanks for the congrats. Tressa was thrilled, and so were we!


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