Friday, October 28, 2011

Food For Thought Friday: Going Natural

This post is a little bit late, since I like to post in the morning, but here it is all the same!  I had a busy morning.  Both of my girls received awards at school, so Jason and I went there to cheer for them.  They beamed at their accomplishment, which made me very happy to see it!  Then I was off to the grocery store.  Pay day.  Need I say more?  Now that I am home and eating my orange and cottage cheese, I thought I'd better get my post up for you!

This is a great topic for me to write about today, since it was on my mind while shopping.
Going Natural.  In regards to food.  In the past we would buy breakfast cereal, and we would eat it for practically every day of the week.  Now, cereal is not bad, it is great, and quick, and easy... but we were buying all of the sugar filled cereals.  You and I both know that excess amounts of sugar is going to do more harm than good right?  Besides, after eating a bowl, it only takes an hour until you feel like you are starving!

Cereal is not the only thing that is a common grocery item that is bought that is just packed with ingredients that your body can do without.  What about pre-prepared foods?  Sides in a bag... soup in a can... pretty much anything that all you have to do is pop it in the microwave, and it is ready to eat.

Let me make a disclaimer, I am not saying that all of these things are horrible.  I'm just saying that there are a lot of ingredients in these foods that are not natural.  They are not meant for your body to consume.  And let's face it, our bodies do not know what to do with some of those ingredients!  All of these pre-packaged, pre-prepared foods are filled with... 1. a ton of sodium (which too much is bad for blood pressure and weight loss), and 2. they are filled with preservatives that are not going to help your body, and like I mentioned, your body doesn't know what to do with them, so they store those extras.

So when you are grocery shopping, take a look at what you are typically buying.  What is in it, and what could you eat that is better for you and your family?

Next, take a look at the price tag.  The packaged items are usually more expensive than just buying the ingredients and making something from scratch!  Seriously!

A bag of cereal at Wal-mart is $6 approximately.  I can make a healthy granola that is twice the amount for the same amount of money!  Just saying!  Think about it!

Food for thought!

Happy losing!


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