Saturday, October 29, 2011

Saturday Goals Regroup

Me icing my knee while Baby K plays.
This last week as an okay week in terms of my exercising.  I'm still dealing with a swollen knee, with suspicions that it is worse that I am hoping it is.  I am thinking about setting up an appointment with an orthopedist.  We shall see, the last thing that I want to deal with is more doctors (we are still paying off the baby being born-I love him so!).

I have some exciting news about how my workouts might be changing this upcoming week, but I am hesitant to say why until I know for sure that it is going to happen!  But I have been giddy about it for the last day (since finding out)!  I realize that I'm leaving you hanging, but it keeps things interesting!  Ha!

Enough beating around the bush.

My goal for Week 5 is to regroup 
and do what I can as best as I can.
My goal is to not miss a day!

Like I said, Week 4 has been difficult do to the swelling.  I have decided to cut way way back on the running.  This makes me sad, as I have loved it.  However, I can walk, and I can do yoga.  Of course those are not the only forms of exercise.  I just have to get creative until my knee is strong enough to continue on!

What is your goal?


  1. First of all, I think you are doing very good on these blog posts, and 2nd of all you are doing awesome, Keep up the good work!
    I have been taught that in goal setting if you write a list of personal goals down, example 2 to 4 goals, then you focus on one of those will find that by just focusing on one of those goals you have affected all of those goals...and maybe even achieved them all by focusing on the one.
    Anyways I started to calorie count this week and it has been an eye opener, so my goal is to run a race at my high school pace...I have a race next sat. but am a ways away from that goal, but this race hopefully is a stepping stone.

  2. Great advice! you can do it! thanks for posting1

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