Monday, October 31, 2011


My girls with their friends.
Its Halloween today... I swear, it was two days ago!  It seems like the holidays, especially those that involve a ton of food tend to run for more than one day.  The school my kids attend had a Fall Festival (really Halloween party) nearly two weeks ago!  So we have been playing the dress up, trick-or-treat candy day for more than one day.  I mean it is so fun, what's not to love?  The kids are happy, they get wired on candy, then crash and sleep so well!  Ha!  I kid... well, kind of.

The point for this extra post today is to remind you, and myself that there will be lots of candy and treats and well, even if you choose today to be a day off, it is wise to be careful with how much you eat.  This is a great reminder for me.  I see a bowl of candy, and take one.  Then a little later, I take another... and so on.. before I know it, I have probably eaten more candy that my 100 calorie allotment.  With that kind of reality, it seems better to just grab a bunch and eat it to get your fill out of the way. :)

My Baby K billy goat.
What are your self-control tips when it comes to being surrounded by junk food?

PS  we had a trunk-or-treat on Saturday at our church, so I had the girls pick out their favorite candies, and we are going to hand out the rest tonight to trick-or-treaters. 

Happy Halloween!

Stay safe, and have fun!


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