Monday, October 10, 2011


Today, I ALMOST didn't go work out.  We had the cable guy coming to hook up our internet.  Jason had to go to work, and he would have liked to take a nap (he works at least 12 hours today).  However, he is such a wonderful guy that he allowed me to go.. without the baby while the cable guy did his work.

I am SOOO glad that I went!  I feel great... other than my legs are a little jelloy!  Here is what I did.

I walked half way around the 1/2 mile track (approximate guess on distance).  I stretched out my legs really good then I walked to one corner.  From there I jogged the whole length of the track, AND around the curve!  I am making slow progress as to how long I can actually sustain my jogging!

Next, I walked and caught my breath to one of the soccer fields.  There I did the circuits that I posted in a previous post.  However, I pushed myself even harder this time!  I did 20 squats (the first time I did the workout, I only did 10, and the time after that, I did 15).  I did 20 lunges and 20 push-ups (girl style--got to start somewhere)!  Everything else I did the amount specified.  The only difference was that in between each set, I sprinted 1/2 field and back.  The few other times that I did this workout, I didn't push it on my sprints.  I wound up just jogging back from 1/2 field.  This time, I kept the same steady pace!

When I finished, I stretched good and went home.  My total time was about 1 hour and 15 minutes.  Tomorrow, I hope to get out there earlier so I can do more!

So where does your will power come from?  I had this conversation with Jason before I left for my workout this morning.  I tend to run a bit and then think, "Wow, this is hard... I can't do anymore."

The trick I used today?  I talked myself out of that negativity.  NEVER SAY "I CAN'T!"  That is something I tell my girls, and I had better be using that same mentality if I want them to!  I focused on my goal point to stop, and I said, "I CAN!  I CAN!  I CAN!" in my mind... and I DID!  During my sprints, I said, "PUSH PUSH PUSH..." with each step, and I did!

Mind over matter is very important to change a behavior.  If you believe you can do it, you can.  If you say you can do it, then by golly, YOU CAN!

Do it now!  Positive self-talk will get you everywhere!  NEVER NEVER NEVER say anything negative about yourself, because YOU ARE WHAT YOU SAY YOU ARE!!

I'm pumped right now. :)  I feel great!

Happy losing!

Evelyn Campbell Curtis

PS  You can do it!  The first step is the hardest!

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