Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Running or Walking: Whatever You Do

I thought of this post as I was on my way home from the park this morning.  I had a great workout.  I pushed myself even harder today with my running.  I ran even farther today than I did yesterday!  I promise you, these little mile stones feel great!

Pacing yourself while you walk or run:

This is something I had to learn as an athlete years ago.  So, this one thing I can tell you from experience is important.  In order to help increase your stamina and strengthen you lungs, you need to set your self a pace.  Often times, I do this with music.  Up-beat music that I can relate to really helps me get my rear end moving.  Nowadays, being over-weight, I really lean on good energetic music to propel.

But what I really want to talk about is not the music, but how you breath while you are walking or running.  You need to be sure that you are taking in enough oxygen to give your brain and your blood flow good circulation.  I have developed a breathing rhythm a long time ago that goes along with the steps I take.

Picture Source: Click here to read a great article on running.
For example:  When I am walking at a brisk pace, I count my breaths with my steps.  In-in-in, Out-out out (with each step).  For walking, I count three steps while breathing in, then three while breathing out.

Running is a little different.  I feel like I need to breath quicker when I run, so it is as follows:  In-in, Out-out.  Again, counting two steps while breathing in, then two while breathing out.

Develop your rhythm, and I am sure that you will improve in your walking and running at a quicker rate.

Don't forget to push yourself.  When you think you can't go any further, dig your toes in and go just a little further!  You can do it!  I can, so that means anyone can!

Happy losing!

Evelyn Campbell Curtis

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