Friday, November 4, 2011

Food for Thought Friday: Journaling

Keeping a journal about your lifestyle and weight-loss can be extremely helpful.  I have kept plenty of journals throughout my life, but never have I kept a weight-loss journal.  There is something about writing down your frustrations and your wins that is so therapeutic!  For me, I learn so much more about myself, and how I can do better to succeed.  It might seem like a small thing, but it is one of those that adds up to a tremendous benefit.

What do I journal about?
I personally write about all of the things or topics that are on my mind.  In fact, that is how I get each one of these posts.  I usually leave early to pick up my girls and get into the car pick-up line with 10-15 minutes to spare.  At that time, I reflect on my day, or the previous day, and I write about it.  When I go to post it here, on the blog, it may vary slightly, but for the most part, that is my post.  This blog is literally my online journal.  I also have a physical notebook, pictured.  I carry that around with me everywhere (It is nearly full already)!  When I think of a topic, I just jot it down so I can refer back to it later.  I journal about my struggles, food, motivation, ideas to be healthier... then I research the topics and back up my information with facts that I find online.

You can and should keep track of what you eat each day by writing them down.  It really puts into perspective what you are eating, because it is easy to not really think about the calorie content of each food item.  I am currently testing out two great websites that help you keep track of what you eat.  There are two that I am actively using as of today, which are: My Fitness Pal, and Team Beachbody.
I am fairly new to both of these websites, but both are free of charge.  I'm losing weight on a budget, so that is what I'm going to be sharing with you!

My Fitness Pal has a food tracker.  It even has a mobile app, so you can add the foods that you eat each day, no matter where you are.  You also record your workouts, and it basically tells you if you are eating too many calories and/or not burning enough.  My brother referred me there, and so far, it seems like a great tool!  He said that it has really opened his eyes to how much he really consumes each day!  Those little things really add up!

goal tracker
Team Beachbody is a website that supplies you with an immediate support system.  You get a coach, and as soon as I signed up, my coach contacted me.  I really like the website, because it has a really simple tracking system for your weight and measurements.  It has you set your goal weight, and what you weigh now.  Then it gives you a summary of how far along you are percentage-wise.  I am 9% complete with reaching my goal!

These are a few of the different forms of of keeping a journal.  Give them a try and see how they help you!  It really is helpful to get your feelings out there.  I can't express it enough.  I have learned so much about myself, my struggles, and my behaviors.  Try it out!  What could it hurt?

Think about it!

Happy losing!

Evelyn Curtis

PS  On both of these websites, my user name is evieccurtis.  So look me up, and we can work together there too!

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  1. I really should get into my weight loss again. If I do I'll definitely look you up on myfitnesspal.

    Stopping by from the MBS Alexa Blog Hop


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