Monday, November 14, 2011

Monday Delayed

Hello all!  I had a nice and relaxing evening yesterday.  After church, I just decided to hang out with my kids, and rest.  So, you did not hear from me yesterday.

Let me give you a little rundown of my day today.  Well, I suppose it has to start last night.  I didn't quite make it to bed by my decided bedtime.  It was later than planned.  I use the alarm feature on my cell phone to wake me up every morning, and last night, I went to bed with a fully charged phone battery.  However, when I woke up to my daughter poking me, and someone knocking on my door, I quickly began to realize that I had slept in.  I reached for my phone, and it was dead!  I couldn't believe that the battery had zapped out that fast.  It was 7:40, and the girls had to be to school by 8!  We rushed as fast as we could, and made it just in time!

That has been the tone for my day today.  I had some appointments planned for this morning, so I was gone all morning and into the afternoon doing those things.  I typically have time to weigh myself, and take my measurements and all of that good stuff.... but not today.  By the time I got home, it was well into the afternoon, and I just felt like it would be frustrating to not weigh myself at the best time.  Our body weight fluctuations throughout the day.  We consume and add to our weight, and... well, we relieve that extra weight. :)

So, I decided, that I would do my weigh in and measurements tomorrow morning.  So, what can you expect in the morning?  Two posts!  My weigh in, and my fitness post!

I hope you all had a good weekend!


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