Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wednesday Foods: Pumpkin Soup with Roast-

As a kid, I grew up eating pumpkin soup.  My mom made it in the fall.  I have since come across some other versions of pumpkin soup (no offense mom), but I like them better.  So even though we are still pushing into the 110's, my body and mind can feel fall coming up!  I love fall!  I think it is the best time of the year... but I say that about every part of the year.  But really, fall is the time of year where I get an excitement to start decorating my house, and fill it with wonderful fall-ish scents.  I'm not sure how fall will be here in our new town, but I'm sure it can't be too different from we moved only 2 hours away.

Here is a recipe that I made up as I cooked it.  A good friend of mine has a husband who is an amazing cook, and after tasting his pumpkin soup, I was inspired to come up with my own.  Let's see if I can remember it!

Pumpkin Soup with Roast

3-4 Cups Left over roast cubed (I just use what I have left over from another meal).
1-2 TBS Olive Oil
1/2 red onion diced
1-2 TBS minced garlic
3 full carrots sliced (medium sided)
1 Cup zucchini squash diced to bite size
1/2 bag of frozen corn (not sure..probably a smaller size)
2 cups pumpkin puree (about 16 ounces..I'm not sure how much comes in a can)
2 potatoes cut to bite sided pieces
3-5 cups of water (depends on how thick you want the soup)
1 cube beef bullion



Heat olive oil over medium to medium-high heat.  Once hot, saute onions and garlic.  After those are sweating, put in the carrots, zucchini, corn and let them saute (you may add or omit any other veggies that you wish.. ie celery, peppers).  After a few minutes, add the diced up roast, make sure to stir-fry the ingredients until they begin to tenderize.  Add the seasonings (season to taste.  I use a pinch of each of the seasonings listed--but you might like more), then add the pureed pumpkin, potatoes, water, and bullion.  Bring to a slow boil, and let simmer until the veggies are tender and a fork pierces the potatoes easily.

-You might need to add more beef bullion depending on how much water you add, and how much of the beef flavor you would like in you soup.

-Usually when I fix something like this, I do not follow a recipe.  So, feel free to omit anything that you wish.  If you were seeking a vegan meal, just omit the beef and the bullion!

-I puree my own pumpkin.  So mine will be slightly more runny than a store bought or canned version. You'll have to make your own adjustments.

This is a very tasty dinner that everyone enjoyed!  Serve with whole wheat toast (homemade is best).  I look forward to making it again this fall!  Maybe sooner than later!

Happy losing!

Evelyn Campbell Curtis

PS  I'll post a picture once I've made some!

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