Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tuesday Fitness: Starting Small

This was just after my Baby K turned 1 in February
Here I am, starting from scratch...again.  Weight gained back, frustration at its peak, and just enough irritation with myself to get me going.

Sometime in February, I got a bike!  I may have posted that before...but its been great!

We also recently moved (just over 1 1/2 months ago).  So my bike tires were deflated from lack of use and up-keep, and it was covered with cobwebs.  It took me two weeks (that is how long we have been settled in to our house) to get my bike tires filled up and take it out on the road.  I did that last night, and this morning?  I took it on its first cruise in our new town!

I was originally thinking of biking 10 miles.  I have the distance figured, and it would take me just under 30 minutes I believe.  But as I got out on the road, the 4 months of not biking hit me hard!  I am out of shape... so I didn't feel bad at all to cut my ride down drastically!

My workout today:

4 mile bike ride
Random Abs workout of the day
=Approximately 30 minutes

I didn't overdo it.  So I am more than able to continue with my busy day of homeschooling my three children!  Off to the races!

He really enjoys his ride in the trailer!
Tomorrow I'm going to bike about the same...but to a sports park that is about that same distance away.  There I will do some circuits like I've done before to see how my knee holds up!  I love doing those... Just looking at the post brings back nostalgic memories! :)

What was your workout?

Happy losing!

Evelyn Curtis

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