Sunday, November 6, 2011

Love Yourself Sunday

Since it is Sunday, I will keep this simple, because I try not to do much work on this day.  I will share with you a gem that is very valuable to me.  I watch/listen to this talk very often.  Many of you who know me have most likely seen it as well.  This talk comes from a religious man in my church.  I recognize that not everyone is interested in religion...but before you disregard this video, I want you to know that it applies to every person, no matter what race, religion, or origins you come from.

If you can embrace the teachings in this talk, you will learn to love yourself.  I promise you that.

Topics in the talk are, not being hard on yourself, serving others, turning to God in your need, and looking at others as Children of God.

His name is F. Enzio Busche, and he says, "Never judge anyone.  When you accept this, you will be freed."

Listen, I love you.  And if I love you, I think that you can love you too... just the way you are!

Happy Sunday where ever you are!


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