Monday, November 7, 2011

Weigh-in Measure-up Monday: Week 6

Was last week difficult for anyone... it being Halloween and all?  I'm going to be realistic, Halloween is pretty much a pointless holiday!  Sometimes I wonder if we celebrate it as an excuse to do something fun because there is so much time between holidays!  Ha!  I kid... kind of!  It is fun to dress up and what not.

Now enough with the stalling...

There was far too much sneaking of treats from Halloween.  I need to have better self control.  But three pounds meets my goal (and then some) of losing 2 lbs a week!  Yaay!

Bicep:  16.25
Bust:  15.5
Waist:  51.5
Hips:  49.25
Thigh:  30.5
At the week 8 weigh-in and measure-up, I plan on posting an updated picture.  Jason says that my clothes are starting to get a little baggy.  My pants are where I notice it the most!

I'm at 16lbs lost to date!

Compared to week 5

There you have it folks!  I think I need to give my body a little shock again.  Maybe in the workout department.  I'll let you know what I come up with!

How are you all doing?  Are you like me and needing an extra bit of motivation?  I'll see what I can find and share it will you all!

Happy losing!

Evelyn Curtis

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